Makeup tips for aging women

One thing I can say about this younger generation of women is that their makeup and hair is spot on!  In the age of social media, you can find many of them showing you their tips and tricks and it can be very useful.  I never remember a time that I knew the things these young women have learned about beauty at their age. I spend time watching them and taking their advice (I never thought I would say that!).  They have some great reviews on high end products that work and do not work. This is another reason I suggest beauty boxes like Boxycharm. They give you some products to try before making that big purchase.  (check out my article on beauty boxes)


Unfortunately, as we get older, some of these tips do not apply to us.  As much as we would like to dive into all those glitzy shades and shimmers, they can actually make us look worse.  Here are some tips for aging women that I have learned from researching makeup artists. These are things that have also worked for me when applying makeup. We will start with the beginning of your face regime and move to the end.  

*cover photo credit: Alysa Bajenaru @unsplash


Create a canvas for your face

 Just like a painter, you want a smooth surface.  Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are something you should do in morning and evening especially when your skin is aging.  Hydrated skin makes a person look younger and it makes application of makeup much easier.  You will also not have to use as much makeup.  When you are shooting for high dollar brands, it helps your product to last and saves money. 

Skin care should be based on your needs.  In this particular situation, cheaper is not better. Do your research and try samples of products to see which ones you like the best.  I am a person who will use many brands at once, I just pick what I love. In the skincare department, that may not be the best idea.  You may want to stick with one brand as they are all designed to work together.  Getting a kit is useful for this reason.  You also have added serums, fillers, and so on to choose from.  At the moment, this is one of my research projects.  I am still working on the best skin care solution for me. 

Primer is essential

Primer moisturizes, fills in lines, smooths out pores, and creates a smooth palette for makeup application.  This is the first thing you should pull out of your makeup box.

If you want to wear limited makeup, skip the foundation and use the primer.  This also helps give you a natural look.  


Concealer helps reduce many of our blemishes.  

Here are some other places to put concealer:

In between the brows 

at the inner corners of the eye

under the eye

at the corners of your nose

the lines from your nose to your lips

under the bottom of the lip


Most of us will need a full coverage to hide age spots and blemishes.  Be sure and use a beauty sponge to tap out the excess foundation from wrinkles.  Otherwise, you may look older wearing foundation.

Choose a foundation that it is a couple shades darker than the tone of your skin.  This will add color and help reduce fine lines. Although I go for a darker shade, some recommend sticking with your skintone.  This is an area that you will have to try on your own to see what works.

Highlighting, contouring, and blush

These three items will add warmth and glow to your skin.  There are various ways of shading and contouring your face.  I recommend checking out Pinterest. There are tons of charts out there that base this on face shape and so on.  There is so much you can do here depending upon the look you want.  


Sparkles and shimmer eyeshadows are a huge hit these days.  Be cautious with these and do not go overboard. A light shimmer that is soft is ok, but too much will make you look older.  You want something that will give you a soft glow. Using a brush for eyeshadow works best, apply in a circular motion. Matte shades are always a safe option.  Smokey eyes can make you look older. I avoid the smokey eye all together because I just do not look good in it anymore. Add white or a very light shade to the brow bone and corners of the eye along with the top and bottom lid to open your eyes up.


Play around with eyeliner.  A small line at the bottom lid often helps open the eye.  However, winged eyes and all the fancy liner ideas can actually make the aging woman’s eyes look older and tired.    A light shade of eyeshadow at the bottom and top part of your lids also helps open the eye. Use a paper towel or piece of tape under your bottom eye so makeup does not smear on your face.


Mascara on the lower lashes is fine in moderation.  You can skip it all together if you want. Making a big deal of lower lashes as you age defines the dark circles under your eyes and brings attention to wrinkles. I am one who still uses mascara on my bottom lashes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Hold for ten seconds at the bottom, top, and middle. Doing this will help open up the eye.  


The good part about our eyebrows at this age is we do not need to pluck them as often.  We only need to get a few stray hairs. It is often recommended not to pluck at all because they may not come back.  One thing we need to do is fill them in especially at the tail end. This area of the brow appears to be the most sparse with the least hair.  

How you shade your brows is up to you.  There are pencils, powders, and gels you can use.  I recently went from a brow pencil to the gel form. I enjoy the tubs of gel that come with the wand and brush.  I find it easier to define my brows this way. 


Lip Color

Dark colors that are matte can define your aging lips too much. Nudes can also make you look older.   Sheer gloss works best for a natural effect. Add in a lipstick that has some brightness to it.

Lips get dry and cracked as we age.  As with your face, exfoliation and moisturization is important for the lips and makes lipstick look much better.

Having brushes and sponges will really help blend your makeup and give it a airbrushed look. There are lots of videos and tutorials on the internet about how to use these items. It is also better for your skin to blend with brushes and sponges. Brushes and sponges also help keep makeup from caking in the wrinkles. I use the cheaper sponges, but spend a little extra on brushes. A good brush creates better makeup effects.

Holly's Tip

A final word

We still have beauty and pep, we just need a little boost along the way.  A lot of things are dependent upon our face concerns. Some of us can get by with a little more than others.  It is all about trial and error.

Play around with your makeup, watch videos, and do not be afraid to try new things.  I always recommend higher quality makeup for aging women. You need the coverage that lasts all day.  This can become a huge expense. Instead of breaking the bank, shoot for free samples and things such as beauty boxes.  This will give you an opportunity to try things before adding them to your collection. Just because it is high end does not mean it will work for you either.  I do not mind spending money on good products, but I want to make sure they are good before I drop the money on them.

You will eventually get to a point where you know what you like and you know what works and what you can get by with.  At least until the next phase of aging comes…lol!