Two Great Bible Study Apps

Most of my self help posts have an inspirational twist.  I cannot stress to you enough how important my faith is. I have so many character flaws that need to be adjusted on a daily basis.  Perimenopause has also been no friend of mine. The lack of hormones can really put you in an emotional nosedive.

There is one constant that has meant more to me than any therapy session and that is my relationship with God through prayer and Bible study.  There has not been one circumstance that I could not refer back to in the Bible. It is completely amazing how God continually lifts me up even when I do not deserve a minute of His time.  The words of the Bible and the comfort from God is all I really need in any situation in life.

I spend every morning in prayer and try to do the same each evening.  I also try to do a Bible study of some sort each week. This can become difficult when you are working full time and have children, a husband, and a household to care for.

For this reason, I love the two apps for Bible study I have on my phone.  Both have a keyword search where I can type in a issue or interest and it will show me topics related to it. I like to search things that are weighing on my mind.  

The apps are useful for study and when I want to do a quick read on a lunch break, while I am waiting in a doctor’s office, and so on.  They are both handy to have and serve the same, yet different purpose.

The YouVersion App

The YouVersion app is loaded with tons of Bible studies. Most of them are short and quick and go with a great cup of coffee to start your day.  They have a search area along with suggestions. You can even do these studies with friends.

The Olive Tree App

The Olive Tree app is a Bible. You can combine this in with the YouVersion app to get a more extensive study.  You can look up scripture from various versions of the Bible. There is a search bar so you can type in a keyword and it will take you directly to scripture.  There is also different versions available for those who prefer KJV. You can also switch between versions to get more clarity when reading.

I encourage you to take advantage of these apps and put them on your phone.  As I state in many of my posts, reading the Bible and prayer is the best therapy I can find.  These two apps make Bible study way easier and more enjoyable.


*thank you to Carolyn V @ Unsplash for the cover photo