Why I choose Mally

I recently was talking with a makeup artist about the changes in my skin and her recommendations.  One of the things she recommended was sticking with one brand. If you seem to favor a specific line of product, you should use it all.  Her explanation was that these products are all designed to work with one another. To get a full effect, you should use the whole line. This made sense to me.  


One product line I enjoy is Mally.   Mally is a celebrity makeup artist and founder of her own line, Mally Beauty.  Her personality is infectious and she caters to women who are aging. She has worked with people such as J-Lo and Angelina Jolie amongst many other big names.  You can find her sharing her tips and tricks in top magazines, on top television shows, and on QVC. Her Facebook page shows her charm and she is hard not to love.

What I love most about Mally

She caters to women that are middle aged.  A lot of the newer brands focus on fresh and new faces.  Mally not only sells products for everyone, she shows people our age how to use it.  You can find her videos on various media outlets including YouTube.

Her makeup is made for all skin types and tones.  Aside from the foundation, she has shades that work for everyone.  I love this especially in the summer when my color changes. I do not have to have a whole new line of makeup for each season.  

Her makeup stays on all day.  I work in a warehouse where I do heavy labor at times.  It can get very hot. This makeup remains on my face and keeps me looking good no matter what environment I am in.  It stays on up until the time I take it off. I only have to refresh a few areas. Even if I do not have time to do that, I still look good all day.

Her makeup is smooth and well pigmented.  It is easy to apply Mally makeup and it glides on smoothly and covers well.

Her products are sold at Kohls (among other stores including her website).  I like this because I can use my extra Kohls cash to add to my collection. Kohls also has sales on her products where they are half off for a week.  I always watch for these sales where I can save a ton of money on high end product. You also have the option of buying her on QVC where you can get on a payment plan as well.  

My top Mally picks

Evercolor poreless face defender:  It comes clear, but you can also buy a tinted one. I like using the one with a tint (it’s called boost) as it adds a final touch of warmth to my paler skin.  You add this when you are done with your face. It seals the deal and works very well.

Eyeshadow sticks:  These glide on your eyelids like butter and are quick and easy to do.  They come in a variety of shades that are easily blendable.

Evercolor Gel Waterproof liner: this liner is so simple and easy to use.  It takes little effort to get the results you are looking for.


I would be perfectly fine if Mally was the only makeup in my box.  I enjoy all of her products and have had no issue with any of them.  I will continue to add new products in her line to my collection and she will be one that I refill often.  

I agree somewhat with the makeup artist about sticking with one brand of product. I have tried using solely one product on my face.  However, I did not notice much difference.  I would prefer to stick with specific product that I love versus buying things from just one brand.  Each company I use specializes in certain product that work better than others.  Not to mention, you have a wider variety when you are choosing from several companies.  

Mally is one of my top choices when it comes to make up.  If you look up her reviews on Youtube, you will see others who are pleasantly surprised in her as well.  She is a product that I feel is under rated in the makeup industry.  

Let me know your thoughts on Mally! Do you have a specific brand you love?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!