Chemical free sanitizing

The first thing I want to do when sickness enters my house is bust out the Lysol spray and Clorox. When you have a family, you want no one else to get it. It seems it is a ripple effect with mom being the last one to catch it when everyone feels better.

I have pugs, a parrot, and 2 kids who are allergy prone. I have developed allergy issues myself. This makes my home super sensitive to chemicals. At the end of the day, whether you have allergies or not, safer cleaning is always the best option.

Recently, I’ve been researching the chemicals in many of our products. Some of these chemicals can be very dangerous. This includes the ones that kill bacteria. I found a way to sanitize with nothing but water.

I came across the idea of steaming my couches. I was researching hand held steamers and ended up purchasing one from Amazon for 40 dollars. When it was delivered, I realized steamers can be used for more than pressing clothes and cleaning fabric on couches. It had attachments for all sorts of things! I had never thought of this idea before. I was pleasantly surprised!

Tips and tricks when steam cleaning

A steamer packs a punch and does a wonderful job at deep cleaning and sanitization. It’s easy to use and set up. I recently did some spring cleaning and used it for that as well. All you need is the cleaner itself and a towel. Here are some ideas on what you can do with a steam cleaner:

Clean bathrooms- it is great for tubs, toilets, and so on. Not only does it sanitize, but it gets all the grime out of the way that builds up around your faucets and toilet.

Kitchens: I used it on my marble countertops and stainless steel, it cleaned them wonderfully.

Carpets and upholstery: not only can you use it for clothes, it works great for cleaning carpets and any upholstered furniture. It’s great for mattresses too!

Grout and caulking: just steam and wipe!

Mirrors and windows: mine came with squeegee attachment. You can also clean your screens.

The list goes on and on! The steam cleaner can be used for anything that can withstand heat over it for a few seconds.

Keep in mind:

Not only does it clean well, it kills dust mites, mold, germs, and fungus.

It’s not recommended for delicate fabrics such as silk. You should also avoid cardboard and walls.

The steam breaks up the dirt, but you will need a towel for wiping it up.

The high temps can burn the skin, be careful when using it.

Do not spray in one area for too long. A second or two is sufficient. You don’t want to saturate things especially items such as carpet. You also do not want to pressurize things too much.

Pay attention to the items you clean and check your machine to make sure it’s safe. If the details are vague, there is lots of information about steam cleaning online.

Add in a steam mop

Another thing I own is a steam mop. This has the same effect the steam cleaners do. I like this because I have hard flooring in 90 percent of my home. It is another great way to clean well minus the chemicals.  A steam mop can be purchased for around 100 dollars or less.  If you have a lot of hard flooring, I highly suggest getting one.  Shark will often offer a free steam mop with the purchase of a vacuum.  

Concluding thoughts

A steam mop can be found for around 100 dollars and hand held steamers are roughly 50. This will cover the majority of your cleaning needs. You will be doing your cleaning minus all the chemicals and killing germs in the process. Although the initial investment is a tad expensive, it will be worth the cost. Chemical free cleaning supplies can get expensive. You only need water and a towel with this!

This can be used as your daily cleaning or you can use it on occasion. I believe every home should have this handy. It’s safe and easy to use. Adding a steam mop provides even more healthy cleaning options.