Useful apps for healthy living

What we consume, put on our bodies, and clean with can be loaded with more dangerous chemicals than we could imagine. I’ve been doing some research and am shocked and amazed what is allowed in our products. Not only do we have concerns with this, there are other things that are not regulated at all. They can put any label on their products and make false claims for this reason. Unfortunately, even regulated items are risky. A simple look into Monsanto will tell you all you need to know.

So, who do we trust? That’s another hard one to figure out. Some companies charge way too much for safe products. There is just no way I’m willing to spend 30 dollars on a safe all purpose cleaner that will only last me a week. You could literally break the bank trying to be healthier. With all that being said, there are some apps and organizations that are set on letting us know the warning signs in the things we use.

Switching to safer products requires research and leg work. There are some cheaper alternatives out there, but finding them can take quite a bit of your time. This is why I love the three apps I have on my phone.  I recommend these for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

3 Must Have Apps

The first app is called Healthy Living and it is made by the environmental working group. I visit their website often when researching products. The app is handy because you can scan any food or beauty product. They will provide you with its score and tell you what is in it and why it’s unsafe. It also gives you a list of EWG verified products you can use as alternatives. It’s handy for the store when you are buying food or cosmetics your unsure of.

Think Dirty is the next handy app that has over 1 million products. This is my favorite app, but it does not cover food items.  You can also scan items here to find out what’s in them. Think Dirty gives you suggestions on alternatives and you can shop directly from the app.

Food scores is the app that focuses solely on food. You can also scan items here to find out about them. You’ll be amazed how many products claim to be healthy that are not.

All three of these apps are shown on my featured image if you would like to know what they look like.  All 3 should be fairly easy to find and add to your phone. 

I think having apps to guide you will save you a lot of time and money. . There are products in the store that are safer than others. All three apps are color coded the same way using red, yellow, and green. I try to stay in the green with my products.

EWG’s website is also loaded with useful articles and tips on healthy living. It has a large database where you can research all kinds of products such as laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, beauty products, and food.

There is a healthy balance to everything. I’m not willing to invest hundreds a month in the name of safety. I also am more about reducing the chemicals in my home. One way to do that is through steam cleaning. Buying a steam mop and hand held steamer saves you lots of money down the line. I want my products safer, but am only willing to invest a couple more dollars than I would on regular products.

Products I use and recommend

Here is a list of some of the safer products I use that will not break the bank. Some of these products I recommend in posts as well. Most of these you can find at your local store or on Amazon:

Attitude: has their own website with products for cleaning, bathing, and laundry. Comparable to prices you’d pay in stores.

Seventh Generation. Can be purchased in store. I like their laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and toilet bowl cleaner.

Method: I use their multi purpose cleaners and their glass cleaner. All smell wonderful and clean well. They can be found in store.

JR Watkins: I love their scent Ocean Breeze! It smells amazing! I buy their bar soap, hand soap, and dish soap. I’ve found their products at Menards. You can also purchase from their website.

Aunt Fannies: you can find these products at Amazon. They are scented vinegar based cleaners. I like their floor cleaner in Lavender scent.

Puracy: can be purchased at Amazon. This multi purpose cleaner is capable of cleaning everything in your home. It works amazing on stainless steel.  Just spray and wipe with a microfiber towel. You’ll get a streak free shine.

Biokleen: I like their carpet cleaner and laundry detergent. Some of their products can be found at Kroger and you can buy online through Amazon.

Melanin sponges: I absolutely love magic erasers. I use them for cleaning walls and anything else that needs scrubbed. They remove caked on dirt with ease. You can buy these in bulk at Amazon. They are also in store: Mr Clean magic erasers.

If you really want to save: buy vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide. There are plenty of cleaning recipes online using these few ingredients. For a few dollars, you can safely clean your home for several weeks.


My concluding thoughts

There is many ways to change your lifestyle to healthier living. These apps and website will help you along the way.

It is easy to get suckered into the salesmen who push high dollar products. There are ways you can be healthier and only invest a few more dollars on product. There is no need to go overboard. When I feel the investment is worth it, I let my readers know. When it comes to cleaning supplies, it’s not worth the high costs. There are many ways to safely and effectively clean without losing money.

Hang on to your money, research, and enjoy healthy living!