holly overwhelmed

It seemed when I hit forty, life started to change for me.  There were new issues going on with my body and my mind. Fast forward a few years and things began to get worse.  I started suffering from symptoms related to peri-menopause.  When I found out that these symptoms could last for 10-15 years, I decided I needed to start making changes.  I was no longer going to live in misery physically and mentally. 

In psychology, we learned that people go through developmental and physical changes all through the lifespan.  I have always been one to lean more toward behavior therapy in my studies.  I feel changes in behavior can completely change who we are and how we react to things.  I have never been an advocate for anti-depressants unless all else fails.  However, during peri-menopause, I have suffered through emotions I simply cannot seem to control.  I began to go on a mission finding ways to make this phase of life easier.  

In our middle ages, things can start to become overwhelming.  

There are changes in our family:  the kids are getting older and making lives of their own.  We have more time to spend with our spouse and it feels like starting over again.  

There are changes in our bodies and mind:  we are not twenty years old anymore and we see it.  It can be a depressing time filled with self esteem issues.  We have more aches and pains and odd symptoms that arise.  Our hormones are out of whack causing mood swings and exhaustion. 

The worst part of all of this is we still have the responsibilities we once had before.  We still have to work, cook, clean, etc.  We become defeated, overwhelmed, and simply burnt out.  Our energy is drained and there is not enough hours in a day.  

This is how I came up with the name: Holly Overwhelmed.  This blog is designed to help others understand they are not alone.  I have learned to find ways to bring happiness in my life.  I have learned it is okay to focus on me here and there.  There are many things we can do to make this phase of life much easier. I truly hope this page helps you and provides you with ways to cope during this overwhelming time. 

*a special thank you to Mohamed Nashah on Unsplash for his beautiful photo of the ocean. 

My passions:

I enjoy spending time with my 5 children and husband. I like beauty and fashion and finding what works for my aging skin and body. I place focus on health and enjoy researching on foods to eat along with vitamin and mineral supplements that help with aging and mood. I like to organize and keep a clean, fresh smelling home. I love my three pugs and parrot. I have always had a unique passion for animals. I love spring and summer and being outside with God's creation. I enjoy reading the Bible and spending alone time in prayer with God. I love researching new things and enjoy writing about them. I like to find facts and try things out on my own first. I enjoy people and like helping them as much as I can in their times of need.
This is exactly the kind of topics you will find on my blog! *a special things to Timo Vin at Unsplash for his flower photo.

My Qualifications

I have a BA in Psychology with a certification in Family Studies. My degree is nothing compared to my hands on experience along with my trials and errors. I have learned a lot by simply taking a leap and diving in! My faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior is the best therapy I could ever ask for. Reading the Bible and prayer has been my go to each and every day. I am provided with peace and hope because of my relationship with God.