• "Getting older can become overwhelming. It is all about how you handle the challenge."

The truth list

The best thing we can do for ourselves is be honest and true.  Who are we really? Think for a moment about the thoughts that rush through your head.  What are they? Would you want the world to hear them? I know I certainly would not want the world to hear what I think.  Matter …

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Why I choose Mally

I recently was talking with a makeup artist about the changes in my skin and her recommendations.  One of the things she recommended was sticking with one brand. If you seem to favor a specific line of product, you should use it all.  Her explanation was that these products are all designed to work with …

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A natural calm

One of the things middle aged women can face is high anxiety especially when you enter the stages of peri-menopause.  Since peri-menopause can last a decade or more for some people, why suffer?   The reason we go through these changes is our body is aging and things begin to change.  One major change is …

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